Re: More data on why people reject science

[Note:  This comment comes from a reader of Dave Farber’s IP list.  DLH]

From: “Dean F. Sutherland” <>
Subject: Re: [IP] More data on why people reject science
Date: September 10, 2012 7:20:22 AM PDT

Dave:  For IP if you like…

Please note that the referenced study appears to have violated most of the basic tenets of reliable public surveys.  You can read more than you ever wanted to know about problems with the underlying data at: <>

I am unable to determine whether the author of the study is naive or malicious, so I’ll simply assume that he is unaware that his polling technique renders his underlying data entirely unfit for purpose.  That said, both the title and the text of the referenced study reach *far* beyond what the data can support. My thesis committee would have ripped me to shreds if I’d done something like this.

Dean F. Sutherland

More data on why people reject science
By Orac
September 10, 2012