Good Koch/Bad Koch and The United States Of Koch

[Note:  This item comes from friend Bob Frankston.  DLH]

From: “Bob Frankston” <>
Subject: Good Koch/Bad Koch and The United States Of Koch
Date: October 6, 2013 at 7:09:54 AM PDT

These two stories featuring the Koch brothers are very telling. At a personal level they are compassionate and interested in science as we see in their funding of not just research but day care at MIT.


I can speculate on reasons for their disconnect from the larger world – perhaps it is part of a morality play in which they can fund good research while not wanting to support the less worthy or?? 
<>. Or, perhaps much simpler, funding day care for scientists benefits them directly – they are purchasing results.

It’s as if winning the lottery of life insulates oneself from the reality checks that drive science as a means of understanding. And, maybe more to the point, distances oneself from identifying with “them”.

This year old piece on WBUR provides some perspective <>

Bob Frankston