Shameless Carriers

[Note:  This item comes from reader Monty Solomon.  DLH]

From: Monty Solomon <>
Subject: Shameless Carriers
Date: January 5, 2014 at 23:31:20 PST

Shameless Carriers

Dec 15, 2013
By Jean-Louis Gassée
Monday Note

Wireless carriers used to rule smartphone suppliers. In 2007, Steve
Jobs upended such rules. Why can’t the carriers accept the change and
enjoy the revenues the iPhone generates for themŠ and why do tech
journalists encourage their whining?

Until about two weeks ago, it seemed that our major wireless carriers
had given up whining about the unjust subsidies imposed by a certain
overly-confident (they said) handset maker. I hoped that their
silence on the topic meant that they had finally realized that the
extra revenue (ARPU) generated by these smartphones more than made up
for the “subsidy burden”, for the exorbitant amounts of money that
(they thought) ended up in the wrong coffers.

Then, I saw this this headline:




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