The Hybrid Tablet Temptation

[Note:  This item comes from reader Monty Solomon.  DLH]

From: Monty Solomon <>
Subject: The Hybrid Tablet Temptation
Date: January 5, 2014 at 23:33:46 PST

The Hybrid Tablet Temptation

Jan 5, 2014
By Jean-Louis Gassée
Monday Note

In no small part, the iPad’s success comes from its uncompromising Do
Less To Do More philosophy. Now a reasonably mature product, can the
iPad expand its uses without falling into the hybrid PC/tablet trap?

When the iPad came out, almost four years ago, it was immediately
misunderstood by industry insiders – and joyously embraced by normal
humans. Just Google iPad naysayer for a few nuggets of iPad
negativism. Even Google’s CEO, Eric Schmidt, couldn’t avoid the
derivative trap: He saw the new object as a mere evolution of an
existing one and shrugged off the iPad as a bigger phone. Schmidt
should have known better, he had been an Apple director in the days
when Jobs believed the two companies were “natural allies”.

I was no wiser. I got my first iPad on launch day and was immediately
disappointed. My new tablet wouldn’t let me do the what I did on my
MacBook Air – or my tiny EeePC running Windows Xp (not Vista!). For
example, writing a Monday Note on an iPad was a practical
impossibility – and still is.



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