Re: The Internet Of Things: The Real Money Is The Internet, Not The Things

[Note:  This comment comes from friend Bob Frankston.  DLH]

From: “Bob Frankston” <>
Subject: RE: [Dewayne-Net] The Internet Of Things: The Real Money Is The Internet, Not The Things
Date: March 3, 2014 at 14:27:45 PST


I presume the “Recent conference” was where I also spoke. As I kibitzed with people in the hall and listened to the speakers I realized that much of the IoT thing is driven by the embedded systems world relabeling their products as “now with cloud+WiFi” with companies like Cisco claiming that all those devices are going to be sending all the data back to data central and with IBM expecting it all to arrive at their Giant Brain.
I come from the world of software which evolves far more rapidly and standardizes after trying out ideas. This is why it’s so important to have generic building blocks in generic computing, borderless connectivity and generic hardware as the basis for rapid iteration. And we need to remember that value starts at the edge. Those who care about the sensors tend to be local – rather than far away. But we don’t hear about that as much because indeed the big bucks are in owning a silo.
It’s not the only factor – after all it is easier to invest in NEST than in a distributed HVAC approach which could be far more effective but doesn’t capture the value in one place. I worry that patent plays will stymie individuals by embodying algorithms in boxes thus claiming them as hardware making them more patentable.
If we want to bring back the innovative spirit we associate with the Internet we need to pull back from the winner-take-all vision of the so-called IoT to one that focusing on enabling technology that starts locally with distance being a bonus but not a requirement.
I’m going to go into this more in my talks at IEEE/CE meetings and elsewhere.
The Internet Of Things: The Real Money Is The Internet, Not The Things
The Internet of Things is exploding, but the real opportunity is building pan-device business services.
By Matt Asay
Mar 3 2014

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