Would be rejected in a Junior Miss America contest, confirmed as Ambassador to Hungary…

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Subject: Would be rejected in a Junior Miss America contest, confirmed as Ambassador to Hungary…
Date: December 3, 2014 at 16:18:05 EST

[It’s not easy to see McCain in a good light, but…]

Disgraceful choices for ambassadors to Hungary and Argentina confirmed by Senate
By Thomas Lifson
Dec 3 2014

Colleen Bell is well qualified to produce television soap operas and raise money for President Obama’s elections, but it is a disgrace and an insult to Hungary that she has just been confirmed by the Senate to be Ambassador to Hungary. But at least she has visited Hungary as a tourist. That basic qualification eluded the grasp of Noah Mamet, confirmed as Ambassador to Argentina. Amb. Mamet had never set foot in Argentina and speaks almost no Spanish.
At her confirmation hearing… McCain asked Bell an exceedingly simple question: “What are our strategic interests in Hungary?”

She gave the following imperishable answer: “Well, we have our strategic interests, in terms of what are our key priorities in Hungary, I think our key priorities are to improve upon, as I mentioned, the security relationship and also the law enforcement and to promote business opportunities, increase trade– ”

McCain interrupted her: “I’d like to ask again what our strategic interests in Hungary are.”

Bell plowed ahead. “Our strategic interests are to work collaboratively as NATO allies, to work to promote and protect the security, both — for both countries and for — and for the world, to continue working together on the cause of human rights around the world, to build that side of our relationship while also maintaining and pursuing some difficult conversations that might be necessary in the coming years.”

To which McCain replied, witheringly, “Great answer.”