Re: Why Can’t We Be Like South Korea?

[Note:  This comment comes from friend Chuck Jackson.  DLH]

From: Charles Jackson <>
Subject: Re: [Dewayne-Net] Re: Why Can’t We Be Like South Korea?
Date: July 30, 2015 at 11:06:10 EDT

It seems to me that Professor Crawford fails to emphasize two important differences between the U.S. and Korea—population density and the nature of the housing stock.  The more than an order of magnitude difference in population density between South Korea and New Hampshire may result is somewhat higher costs for outside plant in New Hampshire. Wiring an apartment building with 1,000 units is probably much cheaper than building a cable system in a town of 3,000 people.  

A few quick facts from Wikipedia:

Population South Korea 51.3 million
Land Area                       38,691 square miles
Population Density         1,325 pops/mi^2   (my calculation)

Population density in selected parts of U.S 
New Jersey  (most densely populated state)     1,210 Pop/mi^2
New Hampshire                                                     147 Pop/mi^2
Midwest                                                                   90 Pop/mi^2
Mountain West                                                         26 Pop/mi^2

One source I found states that in 2010 more than 80% of South Koreans lived in apartment houses.

The US Census bureau states that 64.2% of US housing units are detached, single-unit dwellings.

This source ( says that in:
Washington DC, 35% live in apartments, 
New York State 25%, 
California 16%, 
. . . , 
Idaho 4.9%, 
West Virginia 4.8%.  


see also

Why Can’t We Be Like South Korea?


When Internet access is slow or just nonexistent in the US, we shrug our shoulders. But in that small Asian nation, lousy connections are not tolerated.


By Susan Crawford


Jul 23 2015




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