CNN on War in Space

[Note: This item comes from friend Jen Snow. DLH]

I had to send this, very important and well done series that I think many folks may have missed. Please feel free to share Zack’s description and video links to your distro, this is too important not to share and I believe the tech community will have a major role to play in keeping this from going to MAD. Zack is at LLNL and was one of my thesis advisors, very bright guy, loves space stuff!

Very Best,

From: “Davis, Zachary S.”
Date: December 5, 2016 at 6:26:25 PM EST
Subject: FW: CNN on War in Space

FYI, For anyone interested in space issues, this CNN special is getting good reviews from my colleagues here. These issues will figure prominently in our emerging and disruptive technology curricula. ZD

Subject: CNN on War in Space

CGSR colleagues

Space security doesn’t get much press, but CNN ran a long piece last week on the rising threats to space. Lots of good interview material with top military brass, and some nice animations to boot.

CNN: Special Program 11/29/2016 09:00:13 PM – “War In Space: The Next Battlefield”
(VIDEO – part 1:, VIDEO – part 2:, VIDEO – part 3:, VIDEO – part 4:, VIDEO – part 5:, VIDEO – part 6:

Thought some of you might be interested.



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