Congrats, hackers: you’re now a munition (sort of)

[Note: This item comes from friend Jen Snow. DLH]

From: Jen Snow <>
Subject: Congrats, hackers: you’re now a munition (sort of)
Date: December 27, 2016 at 4:39:50 AM EST


A good article and one to share. The more government drags its feet in making these changes, the more the tech community will need to be ready to backstop it in a crises for both public safety and security. This is such a difficult problem, especially with some of the more senior folks who are used to doing things in a certain way. Refusing to deviate from existing bureaucratic processes where it makes sense is also a problem.

I am advocating for a tech community crowd sourced white paper in this area to provide to government to get them thinking in new ways and hopefully help them to see there are other options out there that can improve Wassenaar and the other counterproliferation regulatory regimes to make them compatible with emerging tech. And to stop burning bridges with the tech community when it comes to trying to force non-applicable policy onto technology it no longer fits or can hope to regulate.

If anyone wants to get a tech community group together to do a white paper in this area, I am willing to take it to Office of the SecDef.

Very Best,


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