Our rotten world: New data shows 85% of humans live under a corrupt government

Our rotten world: New data shows 85% of humans live under a corrupt government
By Mike Hanlon
Jan 26 2017

According to the data, despite the illusion of elected government in half the world’s countries, democracy is losing.

Only two countries scored 90 out of 100 this year, and just 54 of the 176 countries (30%) assessed in the report scored better than 50. Fifty percent might have constituted a pass in a High School arithmetic test, but for an elected government to be so inept at carrying out the will of the electorate, it is a clear betrayal of the people. The average country score this year is a paltry 43, indicating endemic corruption in a country’s public sector is the norm.

Even more damning is that more countries declined than improved in this year’s results, highlighting the urgent need for committed action to thwart corruption.

Our analysis of TI’s data shows 85 percent of human beings are governed by regimes that score 50 or less, indicating that the integrity of people in authority across the globe remains sadly lacking.

Those with less power are particularly disadvantaged in corrupt systems, which typically reinforce gender discrimination. Corruption also compounds political exclusion: if votes can be bought, there is little incentive to change the system that sustains poverty for the masses and enriches the kleptocrats.

The latest update of the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Democracy Index, released on the same day as the Transparency International report, reflects an almost identical perspective. The EIU Democracy Index measures the state of democracy in 167 countries and the average global score fell from 5.55 out of 10 in 2015 to 5.52 in 2016, with 72 countries recording a lower score versus 38 which showed an improvement. You can register for free and download the EIU report here.



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