Flint Official Escapes Imprisonment, Only Has to Write Apology Letter

[Note: This item comes from friend David Rosenthal. David’s comment:’Optics not good.’ DLH]

Flint Official Escapes Imprisonment, Only Has to Write Apology Letter
By Yves Smith
Mar 15 2017

Yves here. Yet more confirmation that the elites, even low level elites, are a protected class, and crimes versus black/largely black communities are treated as less serious than those against largely white and/or more affluent populations. Imagine what would have happened if you had had the same level of water contamination in, say, San Francisco or Darien, Connecticut. First, the locals would have gotten serious investigations of what was happening way sooner. And being of a higher social class than the water officials, the locals would have successfully strung the parties in charge up.

Now we have the appearance that the party in question, Corrine Miller, copped a plea bargain, pleading guilty for the supposedly lesser offense of covering up for the role of the Flint’s water in Legionnaire’s disease death, in return for help on the lead-related case. But (and experts like Sluggeux please pipe up), my understanding is that sentencing breaks for cooperation are based not merely on the fact of cooperation, but of the cooperation being substantively valuable (like giving important depositions or testimony). Miller was not one of the named main targets, who are Mike Glasgow, Flint’s former laboratory and water quality supervisor and two state official, Mike Prysby and Stephen Busch.

On the one hand, flipping lower level officials to go after the big dogs is a classic prosecution strategy. But on the other (and this may be a gap in the reporting, not in the actual deal-making), the prosecution seems to be going awfully slowly, which is never a good sign for prosecutors and plaintiffs. And more specifically, my impression is that there are usually carve-outs in cooperation deals, whereby if the party ceases being helpful, other charges may be levied. I don’t see any sign that that happened here.



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