A list of artificial intelligence tools you can use today — for personal use (1/3)

[Note:  This item comes from friend Robert Berger.  DLH]

A list of artificial intelligence tools you can use today — for personal use (1/3)
By Liam Hänel
May 1 2017

Artificial Intelligence and the fourth industrial revolution has made some considerable progress over the last couple of years. Most of this current progress that is usable has been developed for industry and business purposes, as you’ll see in coming posts. Research institutes and dedicated, specialised companies are working toward the ultimate goal of AI (cracking artificial general intelligence), developing open platforms and the looking into the ethics that follow suit. There are also a good handful of companies working on AI products for consumers, which is what we’ll be kicking this series of posts off with.

Artificial intelligence is like climbing a tree to try and reach the moon; one can report steady progress, all the way to the top of the tree.
This is Part 1 of 3 in a series of posts that looks at the landscape of the artificial intelligence industry and the companies and institutes developing products that are moving the needle of knowledge of machine intelligence and consciousness forward for humanity.

A break down of the series

I’ve trawled through literally thousands of websites (6,000+ links) over a few of weeks to bring you a comprehensive list of the best AI products and most promising companies in the field.

PS. my Macbook track pad is now dying from too many clicks.

Part 1 — a list of AI companies and products for personal use (B2C)
Part 2 — a list of AI companies for business and industry (B2B)
Part 3 — a list of AI companies for business and industry extended (because there are so damn many!) and a few added extra

As a note: a few of the products haven’t launched yet, and may be still in Beta, though are exciting ideas, well backed or look promising. Most you can use now.



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