Falmouth MA Community Network RFP

[Note:  This item comes from friend David Isenberg.  DLH]

From: “David S. Isenberg” <isen@isen.com>
Subject: Falmouth MA Community Network RFP
Date: July 15, 2019 at 8:09:49 AM EDT
To: Dewayne Hendricks <dewayne@warpspeed.com>


This is for DewayneNet if you find it appropriate.

The Economic Development and Industrial Board of
Falmouth, Massachusetts has just released a request
for proposals for a feasibility study for a community
Internet access network. 

The place I live, Woods Hole, is part of Falmouth and
I’m excited that we’re taking the first steps towards
a network since the Recovery Act of the Obama Administration
spawned OpenCape, a middle-mile network that serves
Cape Cod and nearby southeastern New England. A Falmouth
network would take advantage of – and expand – OpenCape’s

The RFP “solicits bids for a feasibility study, which will
make recommendations to the EDIC and the town [regarding]: 
o level of community support and estimated take rate. 
o funding options for construction and operation. 
o a physical network plan and technical options. 
o competition from other providers and technologies.”

The full RFP is here: http://tinyurl.com/falmouthnet-rfp

We hope to attract qualified bidders ASAP – we’d like to
present the study’s results at spring Town Meeting.

David I

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