Man controls ex-girlfriend’s car with his computer

[Note:  This item comes from friend Wendy Grossman.  DLH]

From: “Wendy M. Grossman” <>
Subject: Man controls ex-girlfriend’s car with his computer
Date: November 6, 2019 at 7:10:34 AM PST
To: Dewayne Hendricks <>

It’s noticeable how few discussions of the security problems with IoT
mention its potential for domestic abusers… Cindy Southworth (at the
US National Network to End Domestic Violence) had a presentation she did
for a while 5-6 years ago (at least) on “stalker apps” that advertise
features like the ability to install them surreptitiously on others’
phones and/or record their calls (many nominally aimed at parents
monitoring their kids, but some obviously marketing to stalkers and
abusers). More recently, at University College London Leonie Tanczer has
been studying IoT and domestic abuse, and she’s delayed traditional
peer-reviewed publication in the interests of helping those working in
the field to understand what they’re dealing with. It’s worth looking up
her work.

Meanwhile, this is a particularly egregious example:

“A Hobart man deliberately downloaded and set up an online application
that gave him control over the stop and start function of his ex-lover’s
car and allowed him to track her movements, a court has heard….”


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